With 50 Entries or more, we will be holding a giveaway for a random entrant!

100% Payback



Play Time

  • Players will be assigned a number/numbers based on their time of payment (Example 1st Payment from Mike R, 2nd Payment from Rob F, 3rd Payment from John R. Mike #1, Rob #2, John #3)

  • Random numbers will be chosen using “Google” (RT9T style)

  • Numbers will be drawn until someone Breaks & Runs the rack and takes the current/remaining pot, or until 20% of the field is drawn (e.g. – 20 people enter, 4 tickets will be drawn, if 40 people enter, 8 tickets will be drawn)

  • Must be play ready for 6:30 pm EST (5-minute grace period, after your number is drawn and your name is announced)

  • When your name/number is announced, you must go live from the RT9T Virtual competitions group (if you're not already a member, you will need to join first)


  • 100% Payback

  • Drawn players will be paid 10% of the current pot per numbered ball pocketed (rounded Down to the nearest whole dollar amount)

  • Starting pot will be announced prior to the first player attempting the Break & Run

  • Remaining pot will be announced while the next player is being drawn

  • Payouts based on entrants and remaining pot

  • Players who dry break will be given one free entry into the next event

  • Any money remaining in the pot after all spots have been drawn for the event will be carried over to the next Break & Run event


Rules for entering

  • Must go live From the RT9T Virtual competitions group (if you're not already a member, you will need to join first)

  • Drawn entrant has a 15-minute time limit to attempt the Break & Run

  • Only one attempt per drawn entrant per event

  • 8 & 9 Ft tables only. No bar-box tables this event.


Rules for playing

  • 10 Ball rack

  • Rotation pool – Balls shot in numbered order

  • Standard Break and Run rules

  • All fouls result in end of run

    • All ball fouls

    • Any scratch is a foul (including the break)

    • Any ball driven off the table (touches the floor) is a foul

    • Any outside interference with any ball is a foul

  • Early 10 ball legally pocketed stays down and the remainder of the rack is run out in order

  • Template racks are allowed

  • Please ask me about any other rules PRIOR to playing


  • Jump shots are allowed



We may be holding a Pro’s Pot in the future!


Donations to

Paypal: paypal.me/ridethe9tour (ridethe9tour@gmail.com

Venmo: @ridethe9tour

Google Pay: ridethe9tour@gmail.com

Please type in the word “donation” upon sending. We appreciate it!