Inaugural Bo-Simon Perry Celebration of Life on 1/11/2020

We would like to thank Josh Soulliere and Bo's Bar & Billiards for hosting and adding $500 to this event.

Bo-Simon Perry (January 11, 1980 - March 2, 2008)

We would also like to thank our Sponsors:

Our Title Sponsor: Iwan Simonis, as well as Aramith Premium Balls, Diamond Billiard Products, Inc., McDermott Cues, Massé Apparel, KAMUI, Omega Billiards, ACME Cases, Bulletproof Break Tips, Narragansett Brewery, Team Straightpooleye, Maine Pool Table Services, and our newest sponsor, BCS Automotive (Bill Cote Services -, and our Official Tour Ambassador Charles "The Inventor" Lakey.

The room was filled with players from CT, RI, MA and the NE area, to Celebrate this special day, on Bo's Birthday!

Below are the best pictures we could attain of Bo and several of the other great and memorable members of the Bo's Bar & Billiards Family who made Bo's Bo's, and who unfortunately left us far too early!

Rich "The Judge" Gonnella, Norm Brown, Donna Brouillette, and Henry Balassone, Jr.

It was a competitive, fun-filled event for all skill levels. Skill levels from A to C cashed in this tournament, making it one of the most diverse fields to cash yet again.

The Simonis team and I were grateful to see the tremendous sportsmanship and kindness shown to each other, the Team, and the Staff.

Payouts 1st Co-Champtions - Paul Laverdiere (Hot Seat) / Bob Madenjian - $1050 + $890 ($1,940) 3rd - Kevin Brule - $250 + $230 ($480) 4th - Kevin "The Lock" Bauccio - $150 5/6th - Tracey Duffin / Justin Bertrand - $70 / $70

Over $2700 back to the players with 31 players on this 65-degree day in January!!

(As always, 100% Payback on the Auction!)

Please visit us at www.ridethe9tour or on fb at Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour.


February 1 & 2, 2020 - 3 Player Team, "Check Mate" at Bo's Bar & Billiards, Warwick, RI (HALF FULL ALREADY!) Please reserve your spot!

February 8, 2020 - Partner's Event, "8 Brawl Partners" at Straight Shooters, Fall River, MA (flyer to be released soon)

Thank you to ALL who attended. YOU have kept us going for 12 years, being the longest running tour started in RI, and we hope to continue building the tour with you.

Thank you all again!

Gloria Jean and Team Iwan Simonis

Photo Courtesy of Walt Carpenter:

Photos Courtesy of Gloria Jean:

Bo-Simon Perry

Rich "The Judge" Gonnella

Norm Brown

Norm Brown and Donna Brouillette

Henry Balassone, Jr.


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