November 11, 2018 $700 added Camille Cidoni Memorial Partners' Palooza Stop #4

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Thank you to Josh Soulliere and Bo's Bar & Billiards for hosting our event and their staff for their service, and thank you to all the players who came out to celebrate the life of Gloria's sister Camille with us. 45 Teams came out to play and $700 was added.

A special thank you to those who donated via cash or prize: Mz Tam, Positive Altitude (Zen Williams), Pool League Association (PLA), TAP League, and Shanley Swain of Purium Health Products. Thanks as well to PoolDawg for donating a $25 gift card for Top Female. Cash donations $90 and the remainder in product.

You can purchase raffle tickets for a Simonis 860 HR Tournament Blue Cloth (9ft), Super Aramith Premium Balls, AND a $500 McDermott Cue.

**Any one who purchases a ticket is automatically entered to win a FREE Simonis X1 as a thank you from Simonis and the tour.**

Also a Thank you to our Team Ricardo Castro, Ralph Caton, and Curtis Rohrer and those who helped us run the tournament Zen Williams and Derrick Morgado. We would also like to Thank Stephanie B who helped with the raffle!

A big thank you to our sponsors, Iwan Simonis Cloth, McDermott Cues, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Beer, Mz. Tam Creative Pool Solutions, PoolDawg, USAPL New England, and Purium Health Products. They help make our Tour possible!

Lance Lisciotti/Mario Argentino - Running like a well-oiled machine, Lance and Mario came in with the drive to take it home, winning 5 consecutive matches in their run for it all. They marched to the Hot Seat match where they sent Mike and Scott to the One-Loss side, claiming the Hot Seat. Due to time constraints, they split with Mike and Scott.

Mike Pettit/Scott Reynolds - Performing like a cohesive unit and gentlemen, Mike and Scott proved once again why they are front runners in the pool game. Feeding off of each others' skill, they took on all comers, racking up win after win until they broke through to the Hot Seat match where they were sent to the One-Loss. Proving they were not yet finished, they won their next match for a shot at revenge but ultimately had to settle for the split.

Kerry McAuliffe/Cliff Medeiros - After an unfortunate early loss, Kerry and Cliff pulled it together and methodically orchestrated a very impressive 8 win streak on the One-Loss side. Taking down opponent after opponent with a "can't lose" attitude, they ground it out to make it to the end of the One-Loss where they faced Mike and Scott, taking home 3rd place. Congratulations Kerry and Cliff on a run for the history books!

Congratulations to all who cashed!


1st* - $525/$525 - Lance Lisciotti/Mario Argentino - Split

2nd* - $350/$350 - Mike Pettit/Scott Reynolds - Split

3rd - $225/$225 - Kerry McAuliffe/Cliff Medeiros

4th - $150$150 - Jon Leandro/Chris Farias

5th/6th - $100/$100 , $100/$100 - Paul Laverdiere/Charlie Matarazzo , Eric Lim/Frank Hu

7th/8th - $70/$70 , $70/$70 - Roarke Dickson/Jason D , Ted Psarros/Josh Gormly

Congratulations to Last Female Standing

Cameo Moy - $25 PoolDawg Gift Card

*Split First


1st - $760

2nd - $500

3rd - $340

4th - $220

Next tournament we are giving the first 10 Veterans to respond $10 off to show our support. As of right now, we have five. You can ONLY get this discount if you go to the official "Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour Page"



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