October 14, 2018: Snookers Straight Race Stop# 2

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

First things first, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who help make our tour successful: Iwan Simonis Cloth, McDermott Cues, Aramith Premium Billiards Balls, Narragansett Beer, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions, PoolDawg, USAPL New England, and Purium Health Products.

We would also like to thank and give a round of applause to Regina and Steve for hosting our event, and to the staff at Snookers for doing such an amazing job taking care of our players and staff!

It was a great day for Pool, with 45 players showing up with their eyes on the prize. Battles were fought, and wars were won in the struggle to capture the Crown. I would also like to extend a round of applause to all the Ladies who participated including Tam Trinh our tour sponsor, who was here from Texas. Thank you to all who came out to play and support the tour. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Ryan Lineham - 1st - Ryan was in pure Beast Mode with his blinders on. He tore through opponents on his way to the Hot Seat Match, shutting out several! Always solid competition to any opponent, Ryan was in overdrive, and when the Hot Seat match came, he was victorious, sending Paul Laverdiere to the One Loss side, where he would come back to face Ryan in a rubber match. In the end, Ryan held the cash and the title Defending Tournament Champion.

Paul Laverdiere - 2nd - Paul has won or placed more than any player the last 5 tournaments here at RT9T. He is a force to be reckoned with. An amazing skill set that makes him one of the most feared competitors. His focus is fierce and is unmatched as well as his sportsmanship.

Jaime Forcier - 3rd - We are always happy to see Jaimie playing. He represents Straight Shooters Billiards, Fall River, MA. He is constantly improving and once again it shows. He is no stranger to the game, or our tour (for over 8 years now). He has a beautifully unique stroke and an eagle's eye. Combination? No problem. He's got that covered. Always a pleasure to watch Jaime play.


1st - $450 - Ryan Lineham

2nd - $300 - Paul Laverdiere

3rd - $200 - Jaime Forcier

4th - $130 - Mike Pettit

5th/6th - $80/$80 - Dennis Levesque/Jim Prather

7th/8th - $60/$60 - Al McGuane/Jon Leandro


1st - $650

2nd - $350

3rd - $200

4th - $120

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