March 31, 2018: Bo's, Stop #14: One Event, Two Tournaments. A Class; B + C Classes.

First thank you to Owner Joshua Soulliere of Bo's Bar & Billiards, Warwick, RI as well as their great staff for hosting this event. For those who may not know, our pool community lost two great men recently, Peter Scordas of Stix & Stones and Ronald "Ronnie" Alarie of Snookers. We thank our players and team for observing a moment of silence.

We want to throw out a big thank you to the 32 Players who showed up even though it was the day before Easter. Your support is greatly appreciated, and crucial to the success of our Tour.

A Class:

1st Place: Kerry McAuliffe: $150

Winner take all!

B and C Class:

1st Place: Paul Laverdiere - Paul came ready to play, and determined to win, ripping through the field which included such worthy opponents as Jon Leandro, Kevin Brule, Rich Ferrel, and David Soule, to rocket to the Hot Seat Match, where he Defeated Patrick O'Connor for the Hot Seat. At the end of the day, he proved that his skills were unmatched as he defeated Ben Sovoie in a grueling double Hill match to win the day and the Tournament Title. Great Job Paul!

2nd Place: Ben Savoie - After heading to the One-Loss side in his first match in a close race, Ben showed his resolve and ability to recover. Fired up, he ran the Gauntlet and powered through six opponents consecutively to earn a shot at the title. After nail biting match coming down to the wire, earned "runner up". Phenomenal work Ben!

3rd Place: Patrick O'Connor - Patrick started out strong, facing down formidable opponents the likes of Rick Gatta, Jason Platt, and Mark DeLellis, propelling himself to face the Champion in the Hot Seat Match, where he was sent to the One-Loss side. There he faced Ben, who was running on a hot streak, and wound up with a strong 3rd place finish. Spectacular showing Patrick!

4th Place: Fred Soulliere - Another one who showed that an early loss was not a deterrent, Fred proved he was a gladiator, racking up six straight wins against some great players, including the powerhouse Josh Gormly, before facing a "man on fire" in Ben and landing in 4th place. Awesome run Fred!

Congratulations to all who cashed!


1st - Paul Laverdiere - $350

2nd - Ben Savoie - $230

3rd - Patrick O'Connor - $150

4th - Fred Soulliere - $100

5th/6th - David Soule / Mark DeLellis - $60 / $60


1st - $325

2nd - $200

3rd - $70


****Next Tournament: Our next and last stop before the season finale, Stop #15, will be held at Straight Shooters on April 29, 2018 with an added $250. Our 6-year sponsor Narragansett Brewery will be holding a beer tasting between 2pm-4pm for our tour, so don't miss out. Remember, those who have 3 attendances can still qualify! See website for details

Sign up or pre-pay now to reserve your spot!

Please see our website for details or go to "McDermott Ride the 9 Tour" 'Page' on FB.

~FINALE REMINDER: You must have minimum of 4 attendances* and full membership dues must be paid (cumulative day passes DO NOT COUNT). Only 1 tournament left to qualify.....

Please keep an eye out on your messenger or email, as we will be adjusting handicaps and will notify you if your handicap has moved.

Again only a $55 buy-in for the Finale!!! (copy and paste this link in your browser)

ATTENDANCES: Please look for a list of how many tournaments you have attended and how many are remaining. This will be on our website under "Player Attendances" under the "Finale" tab. (copy and paste this link in your browser)

RAFFLE: Would you like a signed McDermott Cue or 1 of 2 Premium Aramith Cue Balls signed by "The Striking Viking", Ewa Laurance? Maybe McDermott Gift Cards of $125 each, or PoolDawg Gift Cards? Then Please visit our website and support the Tour Finale and payouts, by doing so. Go to "Raffles" at the "Ride the 9 Tour" website to find this! (copy and paste this link in your browser)

As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors: McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (, PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Predator Chalk, our Supporters Nerium, and Pool League Association (PLA). Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport.

As always please contact us for any name or spelling corrections.

Thank you.

#TeamMcDermott Ride the 9 Tour

Gloria Jean

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