March 24, 2018: Straight Shooters, Stop #13: In Loving Memory of Celestine And Francis Magnano

First thank you to Bob and Joey of Straight Shooters, as well as their great staff for hosting the most important tournament to me this season: The Memorial for my Mother and Brother. This is our 10th Memorial and we chose this family-owned business filled with love for the players.

We had shots and gift cards compliments of Ride the 9 Tour, and $250 from the venue! Our 6-year Sponsor Narragansett gave away t-shirts, pint glasses, coasters and will be doing a taste testing next time we are at Straight Shooters on April 29th! Be sure to check it out!! Thank you to our other 6-year Sponsor, Simonis, for their table spots, Simonis cloth crest patches, Simonis cloth logo patches, and Aramith for their patches and stickers as well. It was a nice feeling to give back to such an accommodating venue, and of course to our players, and #teammcdermott at Ride the 9 Tour.

38 Players: I would like to extend my greatest gratitude for those who attended our tournament, despite previous engagements and long-distance drives. This was very heart-warming and it was such a smoothly-run and friendly tournament. I will always remember the players who made this day special for me, my Father, my Sisters, and of course my Mother and Brother!

1st Place: Francisco Cabral - To sum it up.......Wow! Oh, yes, Congratulations, too!! Dead Stroke from start until finish. The Yoda of pool had us waiting for Darth Vader to appear. He was fierce, fearless, yet always a gentlemen with superb sportsmanship. Francisco was not hesitant to conquer six (6) opponents before claiming the hot seat, going completely undefeated. Thank you for your tour loyalty for well over five years.

2nd Place: Tim "Buzzsaw" Perry - Well, here is a name you see when you think A player. Time and time again, Tim shows us how to travel up and down table like an Olympic Ice Skater. Tim won his first four matches, until meeting Francisco in the Hot Seat Match. He then overtook Jamie Forcier in a double hill match. We had our popcorn out for that one.

3rd Place: Jaime Forcier - Straight Shooter's own Jaime Forcier, representing well! Jamie is an avid player with amazing shot making ability. Not even a bad roll could stop this player. His determination and blinders landed him in 3rd place. Great shooting, Jaime!

4th Place: Justin Bertrand - Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (I will explain later.) I am pleased that this C class player placed without a seeded bracket on the A or B side. Just skill and plenty of practice. I wanted to give him an Honorable Mention as he was mentored by none other than his Father, Thomas Bertrand. However, he did all the work.

Congratulations to all who cashed!


1st - Francisco Cabral - $450

2nd - Tim Perry - $300

3rd - Jaime Forcier - $200

4th - Justin Bertrand - $120

5th/6th - Mike Pettit / Matt Rezendes - $100 / $100

7th/8th - Roarke Dickson / Ranulf Tamba - $60 / $60


1st - $550

2nd - $330

3rd - $230

****Next Tournament: It will be held at Bo's Bar & Billiards on March 31, 2018.

See flyer for details.

"Calling all A Class Players" for an "A ONLY tournament."

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the best A of them all?

Simultaneously we will have a B and C Class tournament.

Two totally separate tournaments (1.A and 2. B/C Classes) run simultaneously.

WE ARE GIVING YOU 2X ATTENDANCE FOR 1 PLAY AT BO'S . Even people with 1 play can still qualify*

Sign up or pre-pay now to reserve your spot! (See flyer for full details).

Please see our website for details or go to "McDermott Ride the 9 Tour" 'Page' on FB.

FINALE REMINDER: You must have minimum of 4 attendances* and full membership dues must be paid (cumulative day passes DO NOT COUNT). Only 2 tournaments left to qualify.....


WE ARE GIVING YOU 2X ATTENDANCE FOR 1 PLAY AT BO'S . Even people with 1 play can still qualify*! Only a $55 buy-in for the finale!!! (copy and paste this link in your browser)

ATTENDANCES: Please look for a list of how many tournaments you have attended and how many are remaining. This will be on our website under "Player Attendances" under the "Finale" tab.

NEXT TOURNAMENT IS A 2 X ATTENDANCE AT BO'S BAR & BILLIARDS. (copy and paste this link in your browser)

RAFFLE: Would you like a signed McDermott Cue or 1 of 2 Premium Aramith Cue Balls signed by "The Striking Viking", Ewa Laurance? Maybe McDermott Gift Cards of $125 each, or PoolDawg Gift Cards? Then Please visit our website and support the Tour Finale and payouts, by doing so. Go to "Raffles" at the "Ride the 9 Tour" website to find this! (copy and paste this link in your browser)

As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors: McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (, PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Predator Chalk, our Supporters Nerium, and Pool League Association (PLA). Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport.

As always please contact us for any name or spelling corrections.

Thank you.

#TeamMcDermott Ride the 9 Tour

Gloria Jean

Francisco Cabral

Francisco Cabral

Tim "Buzzsaw" Perry

Tim "Buzzsaw" Perry

Jaime Forcier

Jaime Forcier

Justin Bertrand

Justin Bertrand

Salute Mom and Bro!


Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Woo Hoo!


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