February 11, 2018 Snookers Straight Race Stop #10

First thank you to Snookers for hosting this event. A great environment and ambiance, fantastic food, maintained equipment, and a thriving pool venue since 1989. Thank you to Regina and Steve Goulding for their support. This was our first stop at Snookers this season. We would also like to thank the staff for their excellent service.

It was not only a full house but a special event, as we ran our annual drive for homeless individuals and stray pets/pet shelters.

We received an OVERWHELMING response!

Our trunk was FILLED with pet food, approximately $200 worth from a single individual who wants anonymity. We also collected $47 in cash for the homeless. We will use this money to purchase clothing at a second-hand store on Valentine's Day (half price clothing-pictures to follow).

Our recipients are:

House of Hope Warwick, RI

PAAWS Warwick, RI

PARL (Providence Animal Rescue League) Providence, RI

I would like to thank you all for your generous donations

On to business...

This no money added Event drew 60 players in a 6/5 straight race. We are happy to see just as many C players as A players showed again. This was a great diverse mix of players and Classes. Thank you to all who attended.

1st Place: Eric Opitz

This is Eric's first season with Ride the 9 Tour. He has a determined mind-set and a way of moving the cue to ensure his finish in this tournament. Eric won his five (5) consecutive matches before being sent to the B side in the Hot Seat Match.

2nd Place: Michael Giurleo

Mike came back for his first appearance since December 2016. He still has what it takes to win a straight race tournament. He took the Hot Seat after defeating four (4) of our Top A players and a solid B+. No denying he earned his place.

3rd Place: Keith Platt

No stranger to the pool scene either! Keith has been making great strides. He has confidence pocketing any shot. During this tournament, he beat all players in the B class. Can't wait to see what he does next.

4th Place: Tyler Brandom

This is Tyler's first season with Ride the 9 Tour as well. He came in fearless and hungry. There is always a nail biting match when Tyler plays.

Congratulations to all who cashed (payouts through 12th place)


1st -Eric Opitz - $750

2nd - Michael Giurleo - $500

3rd - Keith Platt - $325

4th - Tyler Brandom - $225

5th/6th - Kerry McAuliffe/Rich Senna - $150/$150

7th/8th - Tim Perry/Francisco Cabral - $100/$100

9-12th - Ran Tamba/Ben Savoie/Mike Johns/Mike DeMarco - $75/$75/$75/$75


1st - $1000

2nd - $600

3rd - $350

4th - $110

50/50 Raffle

Winner: Adam Blair - $165

Our next tournament will be held at Stix & Stones with $500 added with 48 players (pro-rated).

Please see our website www.ridethe9tour.com for details or go to "McDermott Ride the 9 Tour" Page on fb.

REMINDER: You must have minimum of 4 attendances* and full membership dues must be paid (cumulative day passes DO NOT COUNT). Only 5 tournaments left to qualify!

Attendances are as follows as of February 12, 2018:

5 or more Attendances - 38

4 Attendances - 12

3 Attendances - 13

2 Attendances - 34

1 Attendance - 49

As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors: McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (www.mztam.com), PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Predator Chalk, our Supporters Nerium, and Pool League Association. Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport. A huge thank you to our staff and support: Ricardo Castro, Ralph W. Caton, and Ty Speedwell, our Acting Tour Director for the event. We would also like to thank Bizzistance for their assistance with a write-up recently (they can be found on Facebook) or on the web at www.bizzistance.com.

As always please contact us for any corrections.

Thank you.

#TeamMcDermott's Ride the 9 Tour

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