January 21, 2018 Crow's Nest $250 Added Handicapped Stop #9

First thank you to Crow's Nest for hosting this event, and adding $250! Great venue, staff, and food, as always. Thank you to Crow for his support during the day and his kindness to our Staff.

As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors: McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (www.mztam.com), PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Predator Chalk, our Supporters Nerium, and Pool League Association. Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport.

A huge thank you to our staff and support: Ricardo Castro, Ralph W. Caton, and Cameo Moy, our Acting Tour Director for the event.

Thank you to all 16 players to showed up during the Patriots Playoff Game (yes they won) and an APA 9 Ball Tri-Cup Event. We appreciate your support and commitment.

Dennis Levesque who split with Keven Bauccio last tournament, decided to try his skill again, and yes it paid off, but it was quite the battle. Dennis took the Hot Seat and waited for his opponent eagerly. His ability to skate the cue on the slate and his recent move to an A-, made him one of the favorites this tournament. Congratulations to Dennis for his back-to-back Victories here at Ride the 9 Tour (RT9T).

Steve Sutton, recently returning from Turning Stone, decided to play out of his Sponsored Venue, Crow's Nest and he was a formidable opponent. He lost his second match to Mike Pettit. However, he won 5 on the one-loss (B) side before playing Dennis for the 1st Place Prize. He won his first set, taking Dennis to a nail-biting match. Steve almost double dipped, but fell just short.

Mike Pettit, last season's most improved player, placed 3rd in the tournament. Mike sent Steve to the one-loss side, and it was not until meeting Dennis in the Hot Seat Match, he had to fight for his placement.

Honorable Mention: Adam Blair for placing 4th, one shy of the cash.


1st -Dennis Levesque - $500

2nd -Steve Sutton - $250

3rd -Mike Pettit - $120


1st - $200

2nd - $80


Our next tournament is on February 11, 2018 at Snookers Sports Billiards Bar & Grill for a Straight Race.

On March 11, 2018, we are trying our first 3-Player Team. Thirty two (32) Teams would pay about $1,800 first place. We will be uploading these flyers to our website or go to McDermott Ride the 9 (public page) for FULL details. Just click on the "event". There is an added money tournament in between, so please check our site and schedule. They will be finished by end of week.


Please submit your team for approval immediately after forming teams!

Welcome to our Premier 3-Player Team!

Who will make RT9T History and walk away with about an $1,800 First-Place prize with 32 teams, Tournament Champion Titles, 3 trophies, and bragging rights?

You'll need $150 per team and a Team name.

We are limited to 32 Teams!

So pre-pay at our website: www.ridethe9tour.com quickly and reserve your spot.

Examples of teams are on the flyer but I will provide them again A, B, C/ A, C, C/ B, B, C/ B, C, C/ C, C, C...hmmm any others?

*Only one A per team.

*One C class player is a must!!

*You must have a Team Captain to report your wins by handing in the score card.

We have two other formats but they are more intricate and challenging! Hoping to try another one soon.

Any player on a "watchlist" who could potentially move up in ranking from one Class to another making the team ineligible to play is accepted with the understanding that she/he will need to find a new team if she/he moves up.

Teams will have three weeks to find a replacement or uprated players will have three weeks to find a new team.

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