December 16-17, 2017 Stix & Stones $1000 Added Straight Race Stop #7

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Congratulations to all who cashed, and thank you to everyone for attending and challenging yourself in a Pro-format race from RT9T, where we paid out, with our lowest and most prominent buy-in at $30:

$3,645.00 in CASH with 33 players!!!!! 

First thank you to Dan, Heather, Jessica, and staff at Stix & Stones for their gracious help in adding $1,000.00.  As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors: McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Premium Billiard Balls, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (, PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Who Dem Billiards Apparel, Predator Chalk, our Supporters Nerium, and Pool League Association.  Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport.

A huge thank you to our staff and support: Ty Speedwell, Ricardo Castro, Ralph W. Caton, Rich Senna and our Auctioneer, Al McGuane.

Two days and over 21 hours of play, we had some amazing matches, some fantastic come-backs, and a lot of hill-hill matches, even between upper and lower bracket players. Come see for yourself at our next event on January 7, 2018 at Bo's Bar & Billiards in Warwick, RI. GREAT JOB TO ALL WHO PLAYED!!!

Welcome to our new-comers and thank you to our loyal we go...

Rich Senna (The Cash Cow) and Dave McConnell seemed to have their eyes on first place from the get-go, meeting in the hot seat match where Dave McConnell prevailed and paved his way into the A Category. Before that was possible, Dave had to send JiTen Patel, James Stonkus, and Paul Laverdiere to the one-loss. Not an easy task.  Rich had to defeat Francisco Cabral, Ran Tamba and Jim Prather to get to Dave McConnell to begin with. Watching any of the above matches is eye candy for those who love this sport!

JiTen Patel, a B category player, showed us how to play with the utmost heart, placing 3rd.  He beat the likes of Jared Young, Lida Mullendore, Melony Page and Nick St. Jean. His move to the category just months ago pushed him to play harder and he took a chance. The chance resulted in a 3rd place finish and a nice pay day. JiTen, thank you for showing up and taking a big risk.

Francisco Cabral, a long-time player of the tour and great supporter, placed 4th.  This is a player who is not to be taken lightly. To get to 4th he had to defeat Kerry McAuliffe, Jim Prather, Roarke Dickson before succumbing to Rich Senna. Great shooting, Francisco. 

Jim Prather, after losing his second round,  went on to finish 5/6, along with Nick St. Jean, a solid C player.

Welcome back to Bill Cote finishing 7/8, along with Roarke Dickson.

Second-time player, Melony Page won the Top Female Category and Prize.  She was down to Bill Cote 4-2, then brought it to a double hill, 7-6 match, but Bill prevailed. She played with the eye of the Tiger, never letting a game take her out of the match. I am sure we will see more of this player!


1st - Dave McConnell - $700.00

2nd - Rich Senna - $500.00

3rd - JiTen Patel - $325.00

4th - Francisco Cabral - $225.00

5th/6th - Jim Prather / Nick St. Jean - $150.00/$150.00

7th/8th - Bill Cote / Roarke Dickson - $80.00/$80.00

Top A - Rich Senna-$90.00

Top B - Dave McConnell-$60.00

Top C - Nick St. Jean-$40.00

Top Male and Female

1/2 Price Entry To Next Tournament

Melony Page

Dave McConnell


1st - $600.00

2nd - $360.00

3rd - $235.00

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