December 3, 2017 Straight Shooters $250 Added Partner's Stop #6

We would like to start by thanking Straight Shooters for Hosting our latest Event and adding an additional $250.00. This was our first time traveling to their venue and we are appreciative of the very warm welcome by Bob, Joe, Fern, Kathy, and Hayley, as well as Rob Rogan and all of the staff.

This Sunday 31 teams came out to battle in a Partner's Tournament. We were happy to welcome so many new players as well as loyal players from 2009.

To start the night, newcomer Cliff Medeiros and his partner Ryan Hemmingway went through the Winner's side with lightening speed, defeating the likes of Julio Abreu and Matt Chisnall, Matt Rezendes and Josh Caesar, Dave Morganelli and Ben Savoi, to eventually meet up with Kevin Brule and Stan McLean, sending them to the one-loss side where Kevin and Stan finished in 3rd Place. This was no easy task for Cliff and Ryan as Kevin has taken 3rd in our tour in November and placing again just weeks before! Kevin and Stan's road wasn't paved with Gold, rather safes and spectacular shots, grinding through Peter Scordas and Clyde Matta, Rich Senna and Jason Platt, and Dave McConnell (former Tournament winner) and partner Bridgette Pierce.

Mark DeLellis and Melony Page proved that C players can be fierce, overcoming the likes of Lida Mullendore and Mike Pettit, newcomers Paul Haydon and Matt Lupine, Dan Tankerly and Roarke Dickson, before being sent to the one- loss by the on-fire Kevin and Stan, where they prevailed against Rich and Will to end in 4th place.

On the one-loss side, Dave Morganelli and Ben Savoie who cashed 5/6th, after losing their first match, pushed through Jeremy Perry and Mario Yambao, Peter and Clyde, among others winning four matches before succumbing to Julio and Matt.

We can NOT forget the the 5/6th Placements of Rich Illingworth and Will Gormley! They lost their first match to Dave and Ben; however, went on to five (5) consecutive wins to place in the money.

Congratulations to all who cashed, and thank you to everyone for coming!

We would like to thank Ricardo Castro, Ralph W. Caton, Rich Senna, and Al McGuane for all their help since the onset of this season, for their hard work and dedication, and staying through the early morning hours to ensure our players leave happy.

As always, thank you to all of our Sponsors, McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam Creative Pool Solutions (, PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Who Dem Billiards Apparel, Predator Chalk, our Supporter Nerium, and our newest supporter Pool League Association. Without them, we could not do what we do for the players and the sport.


1st - Cliff Medeiros and Ryan Hemmingway - $900.00

2nd - Julio Abreu and Matt Chisnall - $450.00

3rd - Kevin Brule and Stan McLean- $350.00

4th - Mark DeLellis and Melony Page - $250.00 + $200.00

5th/6th - Dave Morganelli and Ben Savoie / Rich Illingworth and Will Gormley - $160.00 Each


1st - $750.00

2nd - $550.00

3rd - $380.00

4th - $200.00

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