October 22, 2017 Bo's Billiards Stop #3

First things first we would like to extend a very special thank you to Ivan Lee, President and CEO of Simonis Cloth, for gracing our tournament with an impromptu meet and greet. It meant a great deal to us and our players, as well as the venue!

Thank you to Bo's for hosting our 3rd of at least 15 stops, and, as always, we thank all the players who came out to support Ride The 9 Tour. Without you, there would be no tour!

Now down to business.......

38 players showed up to Bo's ready to rumble. Starting things off was Rich Illingworth, who showed that even after an 8-year hiatus from tournament play, the competitors spirit never dies! He grinded his way through opponents the likes of Johnny Vegas, Josh Caesar, Thomas Hood, and new comer, Everett Belliveau, pushing his way to the Hot Seat match, where he was sent to the one-loss side by Dave McConnell, whom he would face again in the final to land in 2nd place. Great job Rich!

Francisco Cabral battled his way through Tim Schroeder, James Ramsdell, and Mike DeMarco before being sent to the one-loss side by Rich Howard, only to reciprocate the favor and wind up in 3rd place.

Rich himself had a good day beating Ben Savoie, Jiten Patel, and Francisco, before being sent to the one-loss side by Dave McConnell, where he defeated Matt Treglia before facing Francisco and securing 4th place.

Matt Treglia and Everett Belliveau both showed that they had come to play, landing in 5th/6th, as did Dave Morganelli and Al McGuane who wound up finishing 7th/8th.

However, the "Man Of The Night" was none other than Dave McConnell in sheer Beast Mode. He powered through opponents like a titan, finishing off Jason Platt, Jamie Moniz (our 2nd place winner last tournament), Al McGuane, Rich Howard, and Rich Illingworth for the Hot Seat, also winning the grudge match against Rich Illingworth to win the night! Congratulations Dave! Great shooting.

Congrats to all who cashed, and to those who played their hearts out, wherever they fell.

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support of our sponsors. A big thank you to McDermott Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith, Narragansett Brewery, MzTam (www.mztam.com), PoolDawg Billiard Supplies, Who Dem Billiards Apparel, Predator Chalk, and our Supporter Nerium.

Payouts: 1st - Dave McConnell - $425 2nd - Rich Illingworth - $225 3rd - Francisco Cabral - $200 4th - Rich Howard - $150 5th/6th - Matt Treglia / Everett Belliveau - $80 each 7th/8th - Dave Morganelli / Al McGuane - $50 each


1st - $700 2nd - $530 3rd - $350 4th - $190

Next stop at Amazin Billiards on November 5, 2017. Hope to see you there!

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