Bulletproof Break Tips

Bulletproof Break Tips

Robert Wong has worked in the billiards industry for over 30 years. Cue repair person, Retail store owner, former APA League Operator, former Billiard Room Manager, 3 time qualifier to the APA National Championships as a player and has successfully invented several tip and cue care products .


After years of watching his customers struggle with phenolic tips, their lack of ability to hold chalk, grip the ball and the endless miscues he started experimenting with other materials until he discovered a scientifically developed polymer that had all the properties every pool player has been looking for in a break/jump tip. It scuffs, shapes, holds chalk and grips like leather but has more power than phenolic, G10, Bakelite, Melamine, Piku or any of the hybrid phenolic/leather or colored plastic types of tips. Bulletproof Break Tips finally give the players what they’ve always wanted but didn’t exist! Over the last couple of months these tips have proven to be something the billiards industry has been dying for! Sales continue to grow daily and there are possible pro player endorsements in the works! With hundreds and hundreds of tips sold in the last 6-8 weeks alone with 0 returns and a 0 failure rate, this tip is taking things to a new level!


Although we don’t currently have a sponsorship or endorsement agreement in place at this time, professional pool player Alex Pagulayan has been playing with one and loves it!

We are also proud sponsor of Gloria Jean’s Ride the 9 Tour.